About us

Welcome to Art 3000 Studio! The place where glass turns into beauty!

Stained glass  is one of the most unchanged crafts with appreciation for color and line design that creates interplay between light and color that sparks the imagination. Possessing an aura of mystery and romance it requires strong artistic and engineering skills from craftsmen. 

The term stained glass derives from the silver stain that was often applied to the side of the window that would face the outside of the building. When the glass was fired, the silver stain turned a yellow color that could range from lemon to gold. The art of stained glass flowered in the 12th century with the rise of the Gothic cathedral. Today only 10% of all stained glasses are used in churches and other religious buildings; the rest are used in residential and industrial architecture. Though stained glass has traditionally been used in windows, its use has expanded to lamp shades, Christmas ornaments, and even simple objects a hobbyist can make.

Art 3000 Studio is stained glass deign and manufacture company operating 30 years on the market, worldwide using traditional and innovative manufacture technologies. Currently we are locating in Chicago, IL. Our production includes Cathedral stained glass, windows, doors, chandelier, tables and furniture. Mass production or custom projects – we cover it all.