Art 3000 Studio recently posted new project on social network platforms. It is pop art portrait of Marylin Monroe made of glass mosaic. Besides the picture of final product, Art 3000 also posted few photos, that demonstrated the process of making mosaic portrait. “Making pop art portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Art 3000 Studio. Video […]

New Episode 3 titled Glass and mosaics just appeared on Art 3000 Studio Facebook page. New episode demonstrates some of the techniques of stained glass mosaics often used by Art 3000 Studio. You can check the video at #StainedGlass webisodes page. Don’t forget to like it and follow our Facebook page. And now you can […]

Second episode of the short web series #StainedGlass demonstrates the best of chandeliers made by Art 3000 Studio. A chandelier (/ˌʃændəˈlɪər/; also known as girandole, candelabra lamp, or least commonly suspended lights) is a branched ornamental light fixture designed to be mounted on ceilings or walls. Chandeliers evolved from candelabra and were invented during the […]

Art 3000 Studio posted a new video at their account on Instagram, that demonstrates one of the stages of making spectacular stained glass table top. More videos on the way. Please follow Art 3000 Studio on Instagram to see all of them.

#StainedGlass is on YouTube now. Check out premiere of the first episode of the short web series demonstrating different aspects of stained glass art and craft among with best work pieces by Art 3000 Studio

The Vikings called their warship a drakkar. Long, sleek and lightweight, its averaged 28 meters in length. The largest longship excavated was about seventy meters long. Its sixty oarsmen could swiftly deliver four hundred warriors to a battlefield along any European coast or well inland via a river. Like most large drakkars, it was owned […]